Barcodes And Printing

Learn how barcodes work and what information they contain
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There are two areas where we create settings for our prints.  Once these two areas are set, it really is as simple as scanning a barcode for the correct image to be printed on a given item.  Let's talk about how these two settings areas work together to make this happen.

1. Printer Applications

We are not going to walk through specific printer application settings in this article, but we do need to discuss how they work from a broad perspective. Please refer to our individual articles outlining the printer applications to get to know all of the features they possess. 

Both the Brother Printer Application and the hot folder application take care of these aspects:

  • Image processing and resizing based on settings made
  • Delivery of image file from our cloud server to the print driver or hot folder on scan
  • Local ripping if needed (We also allow on the fly ripping)

Here is where they differ a bit:

Brother Printer Application

  • Applies the color profile from Brother Rip software. We identify the colors in the image and process accordingly. 
  • Generates ARX4 (Or 6) files automatically.

Learn more about the Brother Printer Application

Hot Folder Application

  • Mapping of hot folders to the various settings (colors and image sizes) in Riverr
  • Identifies colors in the image and then assigns image to the correct hot folder

Learn more about the Hot Folder application

This is how we decide where and how to send a print file to your printer...but what about the product information?

2. Product Syncing

In order to print a product, we need to have a few things:

1. The print file

2. The print file colors

3. The blank product style

4. The blank product color

5. The placement of the print files

6. The desired size of the print in the given placement

When you "sync" or map your products in your Riverr account, we are storing all of the above information. Because we do this, we are able to embed all of the information we need directly into the generated barcodes and send the file to the correct location within the various printing applications.

When these two areas of settings are complete, you will be able to simply go to your "Batches" page, download the barcodes, and scan them at the printer. The printer will then automatically print out the correct image with the correct color settings and the correct image size. Magical....we know!

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