Brother DTG Printer Application

This application will integrate your Brother printer driver with our software
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If you are printing with a Brother DTG, then this application is vital to your print process when using Riverr. 

There are a lot of different features and options in this application, so we will break it into bite-sized pieces for you.

First things first, lets download that application.


1. Go to Settings>Integrations in your Riverr account.

2. From the Integrations tab, download the "Brother Printer Application."  Then you will need to copy the api key that is given on that card.

3. Next we will install the application.

After the application is downloaded, you will see this popup. Choose "More Info."

Click "Run Anyway."

Next you will see the installer. Walk through the following steps to install the application to your computer:

Done!  Now the application will open for you.

4. Navigate to the section that says "Printer Settings Mapping"

5. Add your API key that you copied and click "Reload data from server"

Now we will begin creating your settings for the print files that will come through this application.  We will start with the "Print Mode."

6. Set Your Print Modes

a. Click on the small printer icons beside the print mode names.  This will open the model for the brother rip software which should be familiar to you.

b. When you open the model for "Black Ink Only," create the settings you would like to have for "Black Ink Only" and save them.

*Note: We automatically detect the colors in the print file and assign the image to the correct print mode.  You do not need to do anything to make this happen.

c. If you would like to create separate print mode settings for a specific style, click the "+" button above the print mode settings area. This will open a model that will allow you to choose a product style and then set the print modes specifically for that style. This is not mandatory, but gives you more control for color settings  for every style.

7. Connect the platen sizes with the product sizes that you are using in Riverr.

8. Next we will map the sizes for your platens based on the placement given.

a. First you will map the "Max width."

b. Then you will map the "Max Height."

c. Map the offset for the top and left side of the platen.

d. If you would like to set max heights and widths for every product size, click the "Advanced Settings" button above this area. This is not mandatory but will give you even more control over max print sizes. 

8. Save your settings.

The application will then ask you if you would like to save the settings to the server as well. This feature is useful if you have more than one printer because it means that when you download the application to your next printer and click the button "Load saved settings from server" it will import all of the settings that you just finished creating.

*Note: If you save the settings to the server, it will overwrite the previous settings. Make sure this is what you want to do!

That's it! Now you are ready to start using this application. Click on "Barcode Based Printing" and scan your first barcode.

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