Batching Items

Now that you have your items, lets batch them!
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Note: If you haven't gone through the instructions regarding the "Items Index Page," then we recommend that you go back there first before you try to understand batches.

A Riverr "batch" is the heart of your manufacturing workflow. It will inform everything else connected to it, and keeps track of all information as it passes through the shop floor.

After you click on the "Batch Items" button on the items page, it will create a batch for you which contains all of these items in a sorted list. This batch will then be visible on the "Batches" index page.

From this page, you can navigate to the specific batch that you just created (Or any other batch you created in the past).

Now that you are on the batch page, you should see a list of all the items you just batched. From here, you could click on each item which now has its own page, complete with all of its information along with the barcode that was assigned to it. (This is called the "Item details page," which we will go over next.)

More likely, though, you will click on the button on the top right side that says "Download PDF." This PDF contains the same sorted list of items but organized by barcodes.

Your next job is to print out these barcodes onto labels.

Note: If you need help figuring out what printer and labels will work best, check out this article.

Now your "picker" will take this roll of barcodes and begin to place them on the blank products. This will be easy because the top of the barcode it will tell you what the style, color, and size of the item is.

After the "picker" has finished the job and there is a stack of shirts with barcodes on them, we can move onto the next phase.

Let's take a look at the "Item Details Page" next.

Item Details Walkthrough

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