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Let's take a look at the information you will see when scanning barcodes
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Note: If you haven't gone through the instructions regarding the "Batch Pages," then we recommend that you go back there first before you try to understand the Item Details Page.

The "Item Details Page" carries all of the information you will need for printing and shipping. There are multiple ways of accessing this page: 1. From the batch page that it was added to 2. By entering in the barcode number in one of the "Scan Point" areas, or 3. By scanning the barcode attached to the item.

The best, most efficient option is by scanning the barcode. When the barcode is scanned, it will immediately bring up this Item Details page and give you access to all of the available information. Where will you use this? Let's see.

  1. At the Printing Station

When the barcode is scanned, the Item Details page will appear and on the top right side will be the printing image needed for the job. You can then click on download, and this will allow you to download the image to your desktop and then upload it into your rip software.

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Note: We integrate directly with printers, so you do not need to download the image from this page. You can find more information about our printer integrations in our help center.

2. Shipping/Adding To Bins

After the printing is finished and the item is dried, it is now time to ship it if it is the last item in the order, or put it into a bin if it isn't. What this means is that you will need to have someone stationed at the end of the dryer that will be scanning the items once again and will act as your QC manager. Once it is scanned, this time the user will do one of two things: 1. Mark it as ready to be shipped or 2. Mark it as needing to be reprinted.

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When the user clicks on "Ready To Ship" he/she will then see a popup that gives the directions for what to do next. These options include:

  • If this is the first item in a three-item order, then it will assign a "bin" to this item. (More on bins in the next article.)

  • If this is the second item in a three-item order, then it will tell you which bin the first item is in and you will place this item in the same bin.

  • If this is the third item in a three-item order, then it will tell you that this order is complete, and it will tell you where the other two items are located. It will also direct you to the order details page to verify the items.

After the final item is printed and you are on the item details page, then you will be able to create a label for the order from this page. (You have to be integrated with EasyPost, so make sure that you have done this step first.)

Next we will go into more depth on what exactly "Bins" are. Let's do this!

Using Your Bins

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