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Minimize returns with a good quality control workflow
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Quality control is as vital as any station within the production workflow. High volumes of returns can be devastating in any manufacturing business, and QC is the key to minimizing that number.

*Quick note: This workflow is for users who are using "Batch By Item" as well as the bin system.  This does not apply for users who "Batch By Order."

In Riverr, quality control is pretty straight forward. Lets walk through the steps one by one:

1. Quality Control Operator receives the printed item after it has been cured. This person should be looking for a few things:        

                 a. Is this the correct blank for the order
                 b. Is the print correct for the order
                 c. Does the print color pass the standards you have set
                 d. Is the print correctly placed
                 e. Does the blank have any defects?
The list goes on, but these are some of the things this person will be looking for.  Some of them can be seen visually, but how will the person know what the order was asking for?

2. The QC Operator scans the barcode on the item. This will take the user to the "Item Details Page."

This page begins by showing the text of the name of the blank product that the user should now be looking at, followed by images that showcase the color of the blank product, the print files that should be printed on the item, as well as every placement that should contain a print. 

Below this also contains the print files themselves, the barcode that matches the item, and a link to the "Order Details Page."

3. Once the operator has looked over the item, they then have two options:

a. Click On "Quality Control Passed"
If the user clicks this button, then there will be a popup telling them to put            the item in a specific bin if there are remaining items or it will tell the user              to ship the items if it is the only or last item in the order.
This will then take the user to the "Order Details" page where they can print labels and ship the order.  

b. Click on "Quality Control Failed"
If the user clicks on this button, a popup will show asking the user what the issue with the item/print is.  The QC controller will choose the appropriate reason it failed and submit it. The item will then go back to the "Items Index Page" where it can be batched again and restart the production process.

There are a few caveats to this workflow based on your shipping label creation/printing settings, but that is covered in another article. 

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