Create your Big Cartel integration

Set up Big Cartel so that your users can connect their Big Cartel stores directly with your portal
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*Note: This documentation is for our Platform users who would like for Etsy sellers to have the ability to connect directly with their white label account. This is not needed for users.

1. Fill out this form:

Big Cartel Form

Here is the url you will need for the "OAuth Redirect URI (HTTPS)":


*Note: Replace "yourdomain" with your actual domain.

*Note: You do not need to enter anything for the "Webhook URL (HTTPS)"

2. Receive Email containing your credentials

You will receive an email containing your credentials. The link to these credentials self destructs after viewing them, so copy and save them somewhere safe!

They should look something like this:

Name: Riverr
Identifier: dsa3mprasdfasdf8rnnrQXdf9uMAW5x1H
Secret: zQBwdfyVGSea98dsrt3sAggkrNjKpq3TFolRmBc4vDLE
Redirect URIs:

3. Add the api keys to your portal

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