Add your eBay integration

Follow these steps to integrate eBay and allow your sellers to connect their eBay store to your portal
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*Note: This documentation is for our Platform users who would like for Ebay sellers to have the ability to connect directly with their white label account. This is not needed for users.

1. Sign up for the ebay developer program here:

2. Fill out the onboarding questionnaire

  1. Select the production environment checkbox and go to User Tokens (eBaySign-in)
  2. Under "Get a Token from eBay via Your Application", click "Add eBay Redirect URL", check the "OAuth Enabled" box, and set the following:
    1. Display Title: f8a8bc31-0e8e-49ce-81a7-6c4491597b54
    2. Your privacy policy URL: Enter your privacy policy url
    3. Your auth accepted URL: app."domain".com/shops/redirects/ebay
    4. Your auth declined URL: app."domain".com/shops/redirects/ebay
  3. Under "Your eBay Sign-in Branding", upload your logo to the logo library and check the "Enable Application Branding" box.
  4. Add your About URL and hit "Save Branding"

3.  Under Alerts & Notifications, click on "Production", then click "Marketplace Account Deletion.

Next, enter "[email protected]" for the question: "Email to notify if marketplace account deletion notification endpoint is down".

For the "Marketplace account deletion notification endpoint," enter the URL supplied in your admin account in Riverr at the bottom of the Ebay card. 

Lastly, enter the "Verification token" that is also given in the same Ebay card. 

4. Copy and paste your api credentials to your Riverr account

A. Go to your profile in the top right corner ➡️ Application Keysets. Grab your Dev ID and Cert ID (Client Secret) from either your sandbox or production app.

B. Go to your Riverr admin account and navigate to Settings ➡️ Integrations ➡️ Ebay. Click on the "Add API" button and paste your Dev Id(API Key) and Cert ID (API secret) keys. 

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