Brother Printer Integration

This application is magic....simply scan and we will do the rest
Written by Bradley
Updated 6 months ago

Our workflow app is great, but we needed one final piece to put it all together: an app that would take the information given to Riverr and translate it into Brother Printer Driver language....and it is here...finally.

This little app may be small, but it is extremely powerful. By the end of this article, you will have the ability to scan the barcode on your garment, and like magic it will automatically print the image without you having to do anything.

The setup should take you less than 15 minutes, so grab some coffee and let's get started.

1. Download the "Brother Printer Integration" app from your "Integrations" page.

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*Note: The application is currently only available for Windows.

*Another Note: You will need to have a valid Brother Driver Application downloaded already.

2. After it is finished downloading to your computer, when you open the application you should see this:

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As you can see at the top, you now have three different tabs. The one you are looking at right now will be the screen you interact with on an ongoing basis.

When you scan a barcode, it will input all of the relevant information into those blank areas, and it will show the production image in the blank space to the right.

This screen is used to verify all of the information before printing, and then the user will click the "Print" button on the bottom right to send the job to the printer.

What is really cool is that if you would like to make the workflow even quicker, then you can skip having to click anything by check marking the box at the top that says "Prints automatically on barcode scanning." When this is enabled, the print job will be sent to the printer the moment the barcode is scanned.

Awesome. We know.

But how does the app know what size and settings I need for each item?? Good question. Lets move onto the second tab.

3. Add your api key

Ok so we jumped ahead a bit to show you what the results of your labor will bring you, so now we are going to jump back to the beginning.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Riverr-_-Brother-Printer-Integration-v1.1.3.0-28-04-2021-09_46_59-1024x462.png

At the bottom of the window, you will see an area where you need to add your api key, which you will find in your integrations tab right above the area where you downloaded this app.

Enter this api key and then click the button that says "Reload From Server."

You will get a message that looks like this:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Riverr-_-Brother-Printer-Integration-v1.1.3.0-28-04-2021-09_47_12.png

Click "Yes."

This should import a list of settings, including print modes, product sizes, and placement options.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Riverr-_-Brother-Printer-Integration-v1.1.3.0-28-04-2021-09_47_28-1024x462.png

4. Create your print mode settings

If you look into the first column, you will see three print mode settings: 1. White Garment 2. Non White Garment 3. White Ink Only.

Click on the little printer icon to open the brother driver dialogue box, and set up the print modes that you would like to use for each of these print modes. After you are finished creating these, you will see a green checkmark beside the printer icon instead of the red "x."

5. Map Product Sizes to Platens

In the next column, you will see a list of all of the sizes that are available from our catalogs.

If you click the empty box to the right of the size, you will find a dropdown containing all of Brother's available platen sizes. Choose the one that fits each size, and save your work.

6. Create Your Placement Settings

After you have finished adding platen sizes for each product size, you will notice that the application will add all of the available placement options available to you.

The four areas we currently support are "Full Front," "Left Chest," "Right Chest," and "Back."

The numbers that you are then asked to add help the application to know 1. What you would like the maximum image size to be for the given platen, and 2. What you would like the default offsets to be based on the print position.


Cool! Thats the only hard work you need to do. I told you it would be easy :)

The last tab in the application is only used when you want to print something manually. You can enter all of the information yourself and send it to the printer. Hopefully you never need to use this tab...but who knows??

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Riverr-_-Brother-Printer-Integration-v1.1.3.0-28-04-2021-09_50_15-1024x410.png

Alright, what are you waiting for?? Give it a try! Go to the "Barcode Based Printing" tab and scan one of your barcodes!

It really is like magic.......

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