Draft Orders

Draft orders contain items that are customized, which means you will need to add an image to the item before it is sent to active orders
Written by Bradley
Updated 2 years ago

When syncing your listings, one of the options you will have is to mark the listing as “Customized.” 

Often this is used when you need to add a name or a custom image to an order from the listing that you are marking as customized.

For these listings, you will have to upload the required printing image after the order is made. You will know when one of these orders comes into your dashboard because they will be sent to the “Draft Orders” section. You can find this on your menu under the tab “Orders.”

From here, you will be able to click into any of the current draft orders.

Once you are on the order page, you will now be given the option to upload an image for the specific item ordered. If the order is from Etsy, any personalization comments will be shown here so that you know exactly what the customer is asking for.

After you have added all of the required images for the order, click “Save” on the bottom right hand side of the page. Your order will now be in the “active orders” index page, and can be used in the rest of your workflow.

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