Unsynced Orders

Your job is to find and destroy unsynced orders
Written by Bradley
Updated 2 years ago

In an ideal world, you would sync all of your listings and then the orders would start pouring in, and everything would be perfect. In reality, though, you probably have hundreds of listings and your orders are already coming in daily. This is a problem for us, because it means that we will be receiving orders with unsynced listing items in the order.

This is where the "Unsynced Orders" tab comes in. Every time an order comes into the system that has unsynced or partially unsynced items, you will see it on the index page. To navigate here from the dashboard, click on orders, and then unsynced orders.

Your job, now, is to click on the order details, and then click on the listing links within the order details page.

You will then be taken to the listing page, and from here you will need to sync any of the missing variations.

Once every item in the order is synced, then the order will automatically be sent to drafts or active orders, depending on the type of items that are in the order.

The good news is that you will only have to do this one time for each listing...the next time that you have an order that contains these items, it will already be synced from the last time.

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